Cargo Bike. Load Platform.

Bachelorthesis Industrial Design


Metropolises are growing faster, more and more, especially younger people are moving here. The associated challenges in infrastructure, such as congested roads, as well as air pollution, which includes reducing the quality of life and causes stress, require alternatives in individual mobility.
The bicycle manufacturer BERGAMONT, based in St. Pauli / Hamburg, has long been committed to developing products that offer real added value. „We are part of the change in mobility. And help shaping it. „
Based on a reinterpretation of the historic „Long John“ cargo bike, which has been on the market as „BERGAMONT E-Cargoville LJ“ since model year 2020, is the aim of this work to develop a modular accessory concept for the loading area that will become safe transportation of goods and children.


The so-called „2-box concept“ has proven to be the most advantageous. The special thing about it is the two-part design with a main box, in which a removable trolley can be inserted, which is also lockable. With a foldable seat on the back of the box, the loading volume can be fully and repeatedly adjusted as required, which offers extremely flexible usage options.


This thesis (B.A. Industrial Design/shortened version) was created in 2018 in cooperation with the company BERGAMONT Fahrrad Vertrieb GmbH (BERGAMONT Bicycles), Hamburg, over a period of four months.
I give thanks to all of my colleagues, who were at my side with help and advice.

© BERGAMONT Fahrrad Vertrieb GmbH

I. EXAMINERProf. Dr.-Ing. Ralph Schieschke
Dipl.-Des. Stefan Wallmann (M.A.)

Hochschule Pforzheim / Pforzheim University
Fakultät Design / School of Design / DESIGNPF

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