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Long Range Adapter.

The growing number of e-bike users want to get the most out of the available battery and sometimes travel longer distances. With contemporary battery technology, it is possible to increase the range by adding more battery capacity. In this case, this can be done by an additional BOSCH PowerPack ®, which is connected to the BOSCH eBike-System ® and can easily be attached to the BERGAMONT e-bike the customer has purchased.


Potential e-Trekking and e-MTB models with integrated BOSCH PowerTube ® should be able to make this upgrade possible. The challenge mainly concerns smaller frame sizes that have little space to install an additional battery, so the original tilt removal must be modified from a vertical to a sideways-horizontal direction. After all, it should be easy for the customer to order and let the product be installed by the dealer.

Bayonet closure with stop; Wings with cut-out showing battery charge status, made of robust fiberglass-reinforced plastics.


The Long Range Adapter ® is securely attached to the downtube of a BERGAMONT e-bike using the bottle cage eyelets and an own interface. The robust construction has been proven in tough conditions and tests. Through the approved implementation to the BOSCH eBike-System ® as DualBattery ®, the battery capacity can currently be extended up to 1.125 Wh *, thus in approximately doubling the range.
* results by the use of BOSCH PowerTube 625 Wh + PowerPack 500 Wh
BERGAMONT Long Range Adapter
BERGAMONT Long Range Adapter

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Available from model year 2020 at BERGAMONT bike accessories

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