CATAN Game Table

Industrial Design - 6th Semester Project


„CATAN – Das Spiel“ is a board game, which was invented by Klaus Teuber in germany in 1995.

On this basis a high-quality game table was interpreted.

The core of the product is a table made of beech wood, in whose tabletop hexagonal „commodity fields“ are being inserted. The wooden commodity fields represents the “water”. The fields out of sandblasted epoxy-resin do have different three-dimensional structures on the top and represent the commodity fields. For different scenarios the fields can be arranged at will.

The tabletop can also be equipped just with the wooden hexagons, so that the game table can be used universal for other uses. It is played with the original tokens and rules.

The basic game is playable with the extensions „seafarers“ and „cities and knights“ for up to six people.


This project was realized within the 6th semester of the Industrial Design (B.A.) course in 2017. 

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