Since 2015 E-Ville has been part of the E-Urban portfolio of BERGAMONT and has been a successfully sold unisex model since then. Even in the early days of the e-bike boom, it set a benchmark in design, technology and integration.

The technology in the electric supported segment was continuously developed, so it was time to further develop the model to meet the growing demands of customers in the urban environment and with regard to the current state of the art. At the same time, this model should once again be trend-setting in the market and reinforce the direction of the brand BERGAMONT.


Based on the principle “We are part of the change in mobility and help shaping it”, a worthy successor to the urban unisex* pedelec is developed, the DNA of which basically comes from the significant design of the E-Ville MY 2015 .
The established BERGAMONT trekking geometry (Horizon / Vitess series), which promises comfort and safe handling, as well as the increase in the permissible maximum weight to 160 kg, forms the basic concept of the frame. The drive unit is represented by the BOSCH Performance Line CX ® in combination with BOSCH PowerTube 625 Wh ® and Kiox ® on-board computer integrated in the cockpit.
The concept is completed with form-fitting attachments and accessories, as well as harmonious specifications that support the user in everyday life and is suitable for a wide range of applications.
* unisex in this case means: low-step-through frame
*² MY: model year


BERGAMONT E-Ville MY 2021 is a unisex low-step-through pedelec with a distinctive design language, made of a 6061 aluminum alloy. It is characterized by the main features that were developed from the original E-Ville DNA. These are composed of the flow-shaped wave frame, the concave center line in the down tube, which is highlighted by a striking color and framed in the elegant matt black of the frame (eye-catcher), as well as the abstract triangular shapes in the step-through area and head tube. The opening in the step-through serves as a handle for occasional overcoming larger obstacles. The offset area in the head tube serves as a functional area to accommodate the form-fitting front rack.


The shape and design of the rear carrier is based on the frame design and appears to float above the rear wheel.


Enclosing the belt or chain drive and is thus formally integrated into the vehicle in the best possible way and keeps the user's trouser legs clean.


The cables are fully integrated inside the frame from the stem, so that results in a well protection and a clean appearance.


The selected specifications depending on the model, which include but are not limited to suspension fork, adjustable stem, generous tire clearance, sturdy mudguards and belt drive, also with automatic gear shift from Enviolo, ensures optimal ergonomics and comfort.


Particularly noteworthy safety features are the rear light with brake function and the preparation for connecting a hidden GPS module.


Additional luggage or accessories, such as bike locks / drinking bottles, can be transported using various prepared attachment points on the frame, the front and rear racks and in panniers. The approval of a trailer attachment also maximizes the suitability for everyday use and makes the concept potentially attractive for a wide range of users.



Available from model year 2021 at BERGAMONT dealer

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DEVELOPING/ENGINEERINGMartin Heymel, Franck Belaud
PRODUCT DESIGNChris Allan Pauls, MMID Group
3D  MODELINGFrank Christensen, Thomas W.
PRODUCT/R&D TEAM LEADMarc Seekircher, Jonas von der Horst
GRAPHIC DESIGNThe Blackmoon Foundry

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