Squeezer Arancia

Industrial Design - 3rd Semester Project

Leonardo Da Vinci.

The starting point of this project are the notes and sketches of Leonardo da Vinci .

One of these over 500 years old ideas should be the basis for the project work and be the source of inspiration. The connection to this sketch should be a part of the final design, recognizable as a DNA.

Elements that make this connection, can be e.g. the function , the structure , the principle or even single lines or form elements.

On researching the history and the sketches of Leonardo da Vincis, i noticed especially the creativity in his technical developments. The two selected drawings are rather casually sketched scraps of thoughts Leonardo , with whom he probably wanted to represent functional principles in more detail. This gave me a good source of

inspiration to develop the juicer. What was taken along in the further development , are the following principles:

A rotational movement is transmitted into a linear motion via a gear and a rack .

A rotational movement is extended by a random route via a chain or toothed belt .

As a result, the juicer works well in a bar for example.


An exciting shape should harmonizing with the combination of wood and stainless steel . The sketch of Leonardo represents the characteristic appearance in the side view: Gear + rack . In the operation view , all functions are understandable in an open design.



This project was realized within the 3rd semester of the Industrial Design (B.A.) course in 2015.

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